TBM x Flint

With an increasing demand for more creative talent & production support, Two Bearded Men have partnered up with the good Aussies (and there are some) over the ditch at Flint. We're chuffed to bring Photographers & Directors Andreas SmetanaDavid Maurice Smith, Jon Bader, Jonathan May, Alina Gozina, & Toby Dixon into the Two Bearded Men pool of creative talent. It's really quite a delectable feast. 

TBM can facilitate production with any of Flint's Director / Photographers in New Zealand and around the globe, and the partnership means we have an incredible Production Team in Australia to facilitate anything we need to get done on the wrong side of the ditch. With our powers combined you could say we can get shit done. 

Flint are of the same blood as The Beards. Every Director is of the new age, providing direction & shooting both stills and moving images for large global campaigns. We are multi faceted visual, digital story tellers that can tell a story fit for any screen.